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Our Story

Snoopy Paws Dog Café was built with the sole motto to help you & your dog have a good time at our cafe in devoting time to the "man's best friend," your cute four-legged pup! This was made possible by the mother-son duo Gracey and Lawrence, for their undying love towards dogs and providing the best environment for them.

At our pet-friendly cafe, we strive to provide the best experience to our guests. Enjoy great delicacies while feeling relaxed, refreshed & rejuvenated! At Snoopy Paws, we love to embrace the bond between you and your pet. We are a 'home away from home', caring for every dog's individual needs as your little champ are our champ too!

Some angels choose fur

instead of wings

Shadow Retriever

Every snack you make, Every bite you take, I'll be watching you.

Sky German Shepherd

Show me where the bullies are? I'll chew them all.

Bruno Saint Bernard

You sad? Come hug me!

Scooby Beagle

Sometimes they call me "GetBackHere".

Carin Cocker Spaniel

I don't always bark, but when I do, it's for a reason.

Jenny & Amul Pugs

Like mother, like daughter.

Bella,Blossom & Bubbles Syberian Huskies

Relax.. we are just Huskies, not freaking wolves.

Bond Saint Bernard

My name is bond, handsome bond

Jojo Shih tzu

I am the adorable one, "Always"

Don’t have a dog because your landlord forbids pets?

You can snuggle with someone else’s dog.

Customers Say



“ A great experience worth a shot for not just dog lovers but also for having fun. The cafe is a beautiful concept with dogs mingling with good food and every moment here would be fun loving for you! Got to meet the friendly owner and a very courteous staff and the place has many food options too. We tried the chicken sandwiches, green tea and chicken starters. The starters could have been more spicier but the sandwich was cheesy and scrumptious. For quality time you get to spend here with retriever named shadow, enthusiastic huskies and wide variety of dogs as well. It is indeed worth going and hanging out for your perfect weekend destination. Cheers!! ”

Vipul - Expert in Yelahanka

“ Who doesn’t love dogs??? Old, young or children, we all love dogs and why not? They’re small, cute, fluppy, furry and dangerous as well… I mean look-wise but in the end they completely light-up your day. Though we don’t have dog and my hubby loves dogs insanely, recently we visited a pet friendly restaurant named ‘SNOOPY PAWS’ which basically means the abandoned dogs – that are to be sheltered in this place which is located at Yelahanka, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The owner Lawrence, himself is a madly, deeply, truly and crazy dog lover and yes we can totally see it… he fell head over heels for his twelve amazing dogs with amazing names of different breeds includes St.Bernard, Siberian Husky, Pug, Beagle and German-shepherd. ... ”

Abhinieats ˗ Foodie, abhinieats.com

“ My puppy Casper had his first outing today. He was super excited to be at this @Snoopy Paws Cafe. Casper & Us made new friends today & will continue to come to this place again and again. Thanks for opening up such a wonderful place for pets. The staff & owners had so much LOVE towards every pet. If you're looking for a place to socialize your dogs and much some food. This is the best place to get them & a must visit place.

Food was great. Few options though but best at taste & quality”

Mithun Murlidhar

“ A vast green area filled with trees, good food and furry friends to play with - what more could anyone ask for? A casual Zomato search on a lazy Sunday afternoon for nearby cafes led us to discover this gem of a place and we decided to visit it the same day. A bit out of town, the cafe is a well maintained space with separate section for folks who might not be very comfortable with dogs roaming around while they eat. Pet owners can get their dogs to play in the space as well.

So whenever you are feeling the blues, head over to the Snoopy Paws cafe and have a great fun-filled time.”

Shantanu Gupta